Android Launcher Apps makes your Android experience faster, simple and easy. If you don’t like your default smartphone launcher, you can download Android Launcher and change all of it. There are many Android Launchers available on Google Play Store. Which is best?

Best Android Launchers 2017

1. Google Now Launcher

Looking a launcher developed by Google, so here it is Google Now Launcher. This launcher transforms your Home User Interface. It has new design and layout, awesome home screen, app drawer, app launch animations and new app icons. Swipe Left from your home screen, here you can view all of your cards, check weather and news. Say “OK Google” to search, or tell your phone what to do. You can send a text message, get directions, play a song, and much more.

Android Launcher Google Now Launcher


2. CM Launcher 3D

CM Launcher is a very lightweight 3D launcher that lets you keep all your apps organized and smooth way. It is powered by the most advanced 3D animation and best anti-virus engine. Its various graphic effects will make your operation more interesting, smooth and cool. It can boost your phone speed by 100%. You can Open Apps and search things online with lighting speed. It protects your phone from malware threat and privacy leak.

Android Launcher - CMLauncher3D


3. Hola Launcher

This is a powerful launcher for your Android smartphone phone. It comes with various features like speed booster, battery saver, and app manager to keep your phone running at its best. It has many awesome new features like app lock, hide apps, game booster, power manager and wallpaper and theme packs. You can assign a specific action for opening specific apps; with just one movement of your finger, you can open any tool you need without having to search for it.

Android Launcher - Hola Launcher


4. Apus Launcher

If you want to keep your user interface tidy then this launcher is best for you. Apex Launcher is tiny, easy to use and packed with amazing features. It is developed by APUS Groups and has over 100 Million Downloads. You can type in the search bar, or swipe up on the home screen to instantly find apps for your phone and tablets, play with fun games and apps and search over the web.

Android Launcher - Apus Launcher


5. Go Launcher

Let’s Go with Go Launcher. This launcher has many themes on Google Play. If you want a launcher with changed user interface daily, then this Launcher is best for you. GO Launcher provides over 10,000 beautiful mobile themes for the best user experience, redesign your mobile life. Its main features include hide & lock apps to protect phone security, Weather forecast widget, search widget, 17 Transition Effects. It has over 200 million downloads.

Android Launcher- Go Launcher


6. Solo Launcher

This is one of the first launchers that use Material Design 2.0. It’s much simple launcher that redesigns Android from the beginning. It is one of the Top 3 Launchers in the category on Play Store. It enables you to customize the UI on a device so it works in the way you like. With Compact Design and Quick Gestures Solo Launcher automatically places frequently used apps on the home screen, helping you to organize the device and making it more convenient to use. It has over 100 million downloads worldwide.

Android Launcher - SoloLauncher


7. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the best launcher on Android. It’s the latest update include Android Nougat User Interface and some of its features are similar to Android Nougat. Nova Launcher is fully Material Designed. You can change icons, layouts, animations, swipe effect and much more. The size of this launcher is very small. You can find thousands of icon packs on Play Store. Its Prime Version includes additional features like Gestures, Hide Apps, Icon Swipes and Custom Drawer Groups.

Android Launcher - Nova Launcher


8. Arrow Launcher

Microsoft developed Arrow Launcher for Android. It is a good launcher for those who use Microsoft Products as these are integrated with this launcher. This launcher includes all those common features which are included in launchers. Its key features include reminders, people search, recent activity, cloud documenting. With over 5 million downloads Arrow Launcher is gaining popularity.

Android Launchers - Arrow Launcher


9. Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is one of the most iconic launchers apps ever for Android. It creates fast, stylish home screen experience on your smartphone. You can customize home screen grid, scrollable dock, hide apps from the drawer, save your desktop to prevent accidental changes. Its paid version includes additional features like drawer customizations, unread count notifications, gesture options and more transition effects. The size of this launcher is very small. Apex Launcher has over 10 Million Downloads on Google Play Store.

Android Launcher - Apex Launcher


10. Smart Launcher 3

Smart Launcher is an AI based launcher developed by Smart Launcher Team. It is the best app on Google Play during January 2016. It is simple, light, fast and customizable. You can download free themes and icon packs. Smart Launcher 3 features include home screen layouts, global AI-powered search bar, smart turn off, knock off, gestures, security, hide apps, custom lock screens, low resource usage. You can access most used actions directly from your main screen. Smart Launcher has over 50 Million Downloads.

Android Launchers - SmartLauncher3

These are the best Android launchers of 2017 download and try these and share your experience.

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