In I/O 2017, Google announced that the new Android O Developer Preview 2 will be available to download as a beta release for the public. In this preview, you can check out all the upcoming features of the successor of Android Nougat. If you want to download the preview, you have to install system images of Android O on your smartphone. Read Below for more.

Which devices are currently supported?

The Android O currently supports only Google Devices. It supports only these four phones – Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, Google Pixel, Pixel XL. If you have one of these devices, you can run Android O on it.

How to Install Android O on my smartphone?

There are two ways to install Android O on your device. Firstly You can manually install the file by following this guide, or you can enroll yourself in the Android Beta Program.

Android Beta Program was introduced by Google last year, which allows people to preview the latest version of Android before it’s official release. If you have a phone listed above, then go to the Android Beta Program Website and login with your Google account which you use on your phone. Select the model of your mobile, then click on Enroll Device option.

After Enrolling your Device, Google will send and OTA update to install Android O on your enrolled device. The Android O update will be downloaded and the phone will restart to install the update.

Will installing Android O Beta erase phone’s data?

Google sends an OTA to your smartphone which allows your phone to retain all your data even after the update. That means, if you are enrolling in the Android Beta Program, your data is in safe hand. That’s why we highly recommend you to enroll to Android Beta Program rather than installing manually. The Android O version is currently in beta state, so there will be lots of crashes and bugs. Your existing apps may not work with new beta version. It is not advisable to try this new beta version on your primary phone.

What’s New in Android O Preview 2

In the new Android O Version, Google has introduced many new features like picture-in-picture, notification dots, auto fill with Google, new Home Screen for Android TV, Smart Text Selection.

  • Picture-in-picture provides multitasking on any size screen. It lets you manage two task simultaneously.
  • Notification dots are used to inform users about the app activity. With this, you can know about the pending notification by tapping on the app icon.
  • Autofill with Google provides hints about the type of data expected. It fills the data automatically by synchronizing passwords. It brings Chrome Autofill feature to Android.
  • Smart Text Selection: In Android O, this feature recognizes entities like addresses, URLs, phone numbers, and email addresses. This makes Copy/Paste experience better by popping an action based on the type of entity from the right apps.

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