Android is the most popular mobile operating system. There are so many interesting apps on Android that would be great if you could run them on your PC. In many cases, these apps are superior to desktop applications. They are compact, have an awesome interface and have a low resource footprint. So How to Run Android On Your PC?

Android is not officially available for desktop. Android-x86 is an unofficial initiative to port Google’s Android Os to run on devices powered by AMD and Intel x86 processors. You can run Android x86 on your PC by just following these simple steps.

Step One: Things you will need

  1. You’ll need a blank USB or SD card of size at least 2GB. Be sure to backup all things from USB or SD card.
  1. Android x86 ISO Image you can freely download it from here. In this guide, I’m using Android-x86 7.1 which is Android Nougat. Download it.

How to run android on pc

3. For Creating a Bootable USB drive you will need Rufus Tool. Click Here to Download it. Once you have downloaded the ISO image, launch Rufus. You may get a warning from UAC asking if want to allow Rufus to make changes to your device – Hit “Yes”.

How to run android on PC

After Opening Rufus. Select your USB device. Then Click On Disk Icon and Check the mark “Create a bootable disk”. Hit Start. When your USB drive is written. Close Rufus Tool.

Run Android

After that, a dialog box will appear to choose “Write in ISO Image mode” and Click OK twice. Restart Your Computer.

Step Two: Boot From Your USB Drive

Next, you’ll have to boot your computer from that bootable USB drive. Enter into Boot Menu by pressing F10 or F12 key depending on your computer. From there, select your USB drive.Run Android

A Menu will show up asking how you’d like to run the installation: Live CD mode or Install Android x86 to Hard-disk. Since we’re just testing things out here, choose the first option to run Android x86 without installation.

RUN android

After a while, you will see the Android Boot Animation. After that setup menu will appear.

Run Android

Welcome Screen will appear, follow on-screen instructions and log in with your Google Account. From here you will feel like setting up a new Android Device.

Run Android

Select Set up as new Option to Get a fresh start.

Run Android

Set Up your Google Account and Go ahead.

Run Android

Run Android On Your PC

If you’ve used Android before, you’ll find the whole experience to be exactly similar to a tablet or phone. If you have a touchscreen laptop, then its good otherwise keyboard and mouse will work fine. Below are few images of Android x86 Nougat.

Android x86 7.1 Nougat Home Screen


Android x86 Nougat Icon
App Drawer
App Drawer
Long Pressing an App Icon will pop up App Shortcuts same feature as of Android Nougat


To Shutdown PC, Press power button > Power Off

Your experience may differ as all of these things depends upon drivers and hardware. If you power off your PC all your saved data would be deleted because you’re running in Live mode. To keep safe install this into your hard disk and enjoy. Just make sure you backup your data first.

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