In Today’s World, Email is the fastest mode for sending letters and messages. To share media files and documents. We attach it along with our Email. While sending attachments of Greater Size your Email Service Provider does allow it to send. There’s is always a maximum email size limit.

Why is there a maximum email size limit?

Mainly for security reasons, all email service provider limit the maximum email size that an email account can send and receive. Otherwise, if there would be no limit for email attachments, the email server would risk to be bombarded with very large emails and attachments, stopping working properly.

Maximum email size for some common Email Service Provider.

Here is the values list of the maximum email size limit for various email providers. These email size limits usually apply on both sending and receiving emails.

Gmail – 25Mb (per email sent or received) and Hotmail – 10Mb (per file attachment)

Yahoo Mail – 25Mb (per email)

AOL – 25Mb (per email sent or received) – 50Mb (per attachment) and 10Mb(per file)

Zoho Mail – 12Mb (per email) and 10Mb(per file)

GoDaddy Workspace – 30 Mb (per Email) and 20Mb(per file)

With you can send emails of size upto 18Gb for free without any registration. SENDFiles is a service provided free of cost to share large files for business and personal needs. SENDFiles allows you to send 18GB of data in one go and this data may comprise of an unlimited number of files of any type. You can now send large email attachments.

Advantages of Using

  • Send files and attachments Upto 18 GB
  • Free of Cost. You don’t need to pay anything.
  • No Registration Required
  • Password Protected File Transfer
  • You can broadcast your files to a maximum of 18 recipients
  • You can also share link to your friends instead of email.
  • Your files are stored on a Tier-4 Server which is highly secured.

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