Whatsapp is no one messaging app. People love Whatsapp as it is the best messaging app, it fast, simple and reliable. People use Whatsapp on regular basis. There are many hidden features in Whatsapp that you probably didn’t know. Below are those hidden features.

1. You can disable that Blue Tick

This trick is helpful for those who want to ignore other people. You can now turn off that blue tick which represents that the recipient has read your message.

Whatsapp Secret Features


2. Enable Two-Step Verification

Security is one of the most important things when using Whatsapp. If someone tries to log into your Whatsapp account from another device, he/she can steal your chats and can see your conversations in future. Enabling Two-Step Verification will prevent it. When You Enable Two-Step Verification if someone tries to login into your from another device they need to provide OTP as well as a six-digit code. This will add more security to your Whatsapp Account. To Enable it, Go To Whatsapp Settings>Account>Two-Step Verification>Enable and Enter your six digit pin code. That’s it, Now your Whatsapp account is more secure.

Whatsapp Secret Features

3. Who has read Your Message in Group

This is a simple feature which allows you to check who has read your message in the group. It is difficult to know as that message receipt tick will not turn blue unless everyone in the group has read your message. To see more deeply inside a message just long-press a message in a group and tap on info button at the top. This will give complete info that who has read your message.

Whatsapp Secret Features


4. Low Data Usage

Whatsapp this feature allows you to save your data during a Whatsapp Call. Enable it Save Your Data.

Whatsapp Secret Features

5. Use Whatsapp on PC with Whatsapp Web

This cool Whatsapp feature allows you to run Whatsapp on your PC Web Browser. Whatsapp Web is a Whatsapp Web Version which enables you to quickly send and receive Whatsapp messages right from your PC. To Enable it, Go to Menu>Whatsapp Web>Log On to web.whatsapp.com in your computer and Scan QR Code To Log in. That’s it.

Whatsapp Secret Features


6. Pin Chats at Top

This is a new feature in WhatsApp which allows you to keep a chat on the top, so it can be easily accessed without any search. To pin your important messages at the top long press on a chat and tap pin icon. You can pin up to 3 chats at once.

WhatsApp Secret Features


8. Awesome Fonts and Styles

You can now change font styles in WhatsApp by doing this simple tweak. You can make your text bold, italic and create strike-through for a text. To make text bold, just add an asterisk (*) at the start and end of word or line. For Italic Font add underscore (_) and for strike-through add ~ symbol. To make text Consolas Type Font, just add 3 (`) symbol at the start and end of word or line. See Images Below for more clarification.

WhatsApp Secret Features

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